Friday, August 24, 2012

Oh Africa, how I've missed thee!

       We arrived on African soil two days ago, but didn't get a chance to get off the ship until last night. I can't describe how awesome it feels to be back in Africa!! A small group of us walked around the town to get our bearings, and happened upon some things that captured my heart and some of the many reasons why I love Africa...

* "One-way" streets that change direction depending on the time of day
*  Urban soccer games being played in the middle of the streets. Metal goal posts, uniforms, and all
* Following the sound of music to the end of a street crowded with hoards of people watching a soccer game in the middle of a busy street
* One-by-one kids coming up and shaking our hands
* All the bonjours and bonsoirs
* The understanding conveyed through just a look, no words necessary
* A monkey on a leash doing tricks on a soccer ball
* A leashed cat
* Walking through the port and everyone helping direct us just based on the questioning look on our faces
* The juxtaposition of abject poverty on one side of the street, and a Mac store on the other
* Shawarma
* My last and personal favorite: walking on the street and getting peed on by a man just peeing in the middle of the road~ TIA!

On another note, we are setting up the hospital finally!!! I can't explain how exciting it is to set up the hospital, envisioning the beds filled with patients. I can literally hear the raucous already! I was a stripper yesterday, it's hard work I tell you! It's not what you think, I stripped and waxed the floors! It felt so good to do some physical, hard work. Today I get to meet the day workers that I'll be working with for the next 10 months. I am so excited to meet them and get to work alongside them. 

That's all for now. I've upped my blogging goal to at least once a week so hopefully you'll be hearing from me more! Oh and pictures to come, I didn't bring my camera out this time but I will definitely get some pics soon. 

I made it in the newspaper, here's the link 


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  1. Your mom sent me the Register article--fantastic!