Saturday, October 26, 2013

I'm not in Kansas anymore!

     Well I'm definitely not in Africa anymore! I can't believe my last post was in April, and now here it is already the end of October. The months are flying by!  I am so thankful for my time as VVF Team Leader.  I learned so much about the power of Love in Action and served some of the most amazing, beautiful, and strong women.  After the VVF program finished in Guinea I had some time where I did paperwork and wrapped up my role as Team Leader, but I felt like a mother hen without her chicks. The VVF ladies had all gone home, and the ward was taken over by General Surgery patients.  My wonderful Translator and all around amazing woman, Elizabeth, knew this and planned a surprise party for me and some of the VVF nurses that cared for the ladies!

      The ladies were so excited to see us it felt like we were celebrities and they the paparazzi! They rushed us the minute we got out of the taxi, and in 2 seconds flat we were surrounded by a bunch of women in brightly colored fabric, giant smiles on their faces, and tears streaming down their cheeks.  There was not a dry eye around!  No African party would be complete without a feast of food, dancing, and neighborhood children around. It was an absolute blast!

      Leaving Guinea was bitter-sweet. I was filled with sadness to leave the sweet friends I made from Guinea, but so excited for what God had ahead.  It's an odd feeling to want to be fully present in two places at one time!  From Guinea I headed to New York for two weeks to see my brother and sister-in-law who was 6 months pregnant with my very first niece!! I could not be more thrilled!  When I first found out I was going to be an aunt my heart immediately screamed "I need to move to NY to be close to her!"  So it was then that I started praying, and planning to move to New York for when she was born. 

      It's amazing how much God blessed those plans!  The timing was perfect in so many ways. First, in August my brother informed me that right upstairs from them a room was opening up in September and I would be able to stay for the four months I would be there. And second, my friends from the ship, Sarah and Jeff, were getting married in Texas the week before her due date.  I would just stop off on the way to New York, do Sarah's hair and make-up for her wedding, and leave the next day (hopefully a day or two before she was born).  HA! That baby decided she would come two weeks early and give her mom and dad some alone time with her before all the family started pouring in (including myself). 
Ms. Harper Lee Fiduk~~Born September 30, 2013

The proud parents!

So what's next?
I have the privilege of watching my sweet Harper Lee grow up for the next 4 months, and then I head back to Africa!  It's going to be hard leaving her, but I'm also excited to serve another group of VVF ladies, and show them the love God has for them.  This time around it will be a true sacrifice to the Lord for me to go to Africa.  Pray for me as I soak in all the time I can get with Mike, Sabine, and Harper Lee and prepare for the next journey to Africa that I have ahead of me.  This next time will be in Congo, Brazzaville from January to May.  Thank you so much for your support, and even being brave enough to read this blog!