Sunday, April 22, 2012

Jesus is here

"Jesus is here, Jesus is here" Chantal's final words as she looks out at the sun setting on the water. The nurses wheeled her bed to the eye room, down the hall from the ICU, where the doors open up to the water. One last look at her home, her country, her people. Chantal was sent home with the praises and worship of the crew, day volunteers, and patients as they all gathered on the dock for the monthly "Dinner on the Dock." There couldn't have been a more beautiful, peaceful way to go into God's presence than the sound of hundreds of African's and crew members from 30+ different countries worshipping the same God!

Chantal was born-again on the ship and died on the ship- a full circle only God could have orchestrated. She was was supposed to be discharged home to her uncle the next day, but God knew and Chantal knew her home was here on the ship. The people that loved her the most are here. She was not alone, she was with her family.

I want to share the devotion out of Jesus Calling from the day she passed away:

"Heaven is both present and future. As you walk along your life-path holding My hand, you are already in touch with the essence of heaven: nearness to Me. You can also find many hints of heaven along you pathway, because the earth is radiantly alive with My Presence. Shimmering sunshine awakens your heart, gently reminding you of My brilliant Light. Birds and flowers, trees and skies evoke praises to My holy Name. Keep your eyes and ears fully open as you journey with Me. At the end of your life-path is an entrance to heaven. Only I know when you will reach that destination, but I am preparing you for it each step of the way. The absolute certainty of your heavenly home gives you Peace and Joy, to help you along your journey. You know that you will reach your home in My perfect timing: not one moment too soon or too late. Let the hope of heaven encourage you, as you walk along the path of Life with Me."

It couldn't have been more perfect, it couldn't have been anything else other than God.


  1. beautifully written. you've truly been doing His work. love you!

  2. So thankful for you sharing this precious moment. You are in my prayers!!! Miss you

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  4. What an amazing story of God's grace! What an encouragement and evidence of the hope we all have in Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior. Praise God!

  5. Thank you for sharing the beautiful story of Chantal. Yes, only God can orchestrate something so beautiful with perfect timing.

  6. Oh, what a precious story. Thank you for sharing this with us. I'm just now catching up on blogs, but wanted you to know that you continue to be in my prayers.

  7. BEAUTIFUL STEPH! I have tears welling as I right this. Like said above.....THANK-YOU for sharing Chantal's story.