Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Oh hey, hi! I made it to Congo on Sunday afternoon after traveling for 24 hours! I was supposed to leave on Wednesday, but thanks to booking my ticket in the middle of winter out of New York I was delayed because of the weather.  Ha! Silly woman. Luckily South African airlines rocks, and they called me on Tuesday morning to let me know my flight was going to be cancelled; I re-booked for Saturday right then and there- on the phone, in the comfort of my home and pj's! It was such an incredible gift to get to spend a few more days with my family and especially my sweet niece. I stole a million kisses, giggles, and cuddles in those few days, and I'm so thankful for it! God knew I needed it after all the griping I was doing about leaving her in the first place!

I thought I knew what sacrifice was when I went to Africa the first time. I had sold my car, quit my first ever nursing job, and sold everything in my storage unit. I left my family, friends, and church behind for the first time in my life to go by myself to a big white ship in Africa where I knew no-one. That was a piece of cake compared to now! Leaving my niece was probably the single most difficult thing I had to give up for God. And I did it kicking and screaming! Anyone that asked if I was excited about going back to Africa was met with "Yeah, BUT..." and a big long explanation about how I was being ripped from my niece, and a city where I just started to feel at home. How dare He do that!? HA! God gently reminded me that being a Christian is about sacrifices, it started with the biggest sacrifice, a Life.  Something I had to remind myself is that God is not malicious; He is isn't sitting up there looking for ways to make us suffer or "ruin" our lives. He is good. And it makes Him delighted to give us good things. So I came to the conclusion, pretty much as I was strapped into that plane seat, that if God is good, and He is for sure calling me back to Africa, then this must be good. No matter how much it hurt to leave my friends, family, and most specifically my sweet Harper Lee. 

What have you had to give up for God, and it turned out to be good in the end? Or maybe you haven't seen the "good" in your sacrifice yet...keep looking. 

this is what all the griping is about!

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  1. When she's older she will brag of the sacrifices you made and perhaps emulate your God given love for others...