Wednesday, January 30, 2013


               "I have gifted you with amazing freedom." 

As I read those words in my devotional Jesus Calling I couldn't help but think of the women in Africa.  Freedom means something completely different for them.  Right now as I'm on the cusp of making decisions that will affect the next year of my life, I have the freedom to choose. I have the freedom to choose where I live, what my profession is, who I marry, what I spend my money on, etc.  Many women here don't have the luxury of many of the freedoms I do.  They don't have the freedom to choose who they marry; currently there is a 16 year old patient on the ward who was married at 10! She got pregnant by age 12 and was in obstructed labor, her baby died, and she was left with a fistula.  She did not have the freedom to say "No" to marriage at 10. She doesn't have the freedom to go to school and get an education. She doesn't get to choose what her profession is, or where she spends her money. 

So all that to open your eyes to what you think freedom is. It opened mine. 

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