Sunday, December 16, 2012

You've done a good work

The past few weeks of VVF have been intense, to say the least. It has been one complication after another, with many of the women with failed surgeries. The mood on the ward has been somber, and without hope.  That is until the first two ladies had their catheters removed, and remained dry! That marked a turn around on the ward, for the patients and nurses alike.  The women started cheering and smiling for the first time in a while. 

On a random Tuesday one of the women decided to go for a walk down the hall. I stopped her at the door and told her she had to take some more women with her if she wanted to go for a walk. You see, the women have gotten lazy- demanding the nurses to get their water for them, while it is just an arms reach away! Along with that behavior they developed a dislike of getting out of bed.

Practically every patient that could get out of bed did! They proceeded to walk up and down the halls singing praises! It was so loud that many people came down from two floors above and thought they were missing a dress ceremony!! (more on that later...) When they came back into the ward, they all huddled by the door and were singing the same song over and over.  The song goes as such:

"Doctor you've done a good work

You don't what good you've done

So I'm gonna tell you"

and also...

"You've given us meat

You've given us rice

You've given us water

We're strong now

So can we go?"

Who says you have to be a professional song-writer to sing good songs! Love them so much!

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  1. You keep doing your thing sistha - JI